Trnka, n.o.

Trnka n.o. is a non-profit organization based in Bratislava dedicated to the research and production of audio description of audiovisual works for blind and partially sighted people. Also Trnka, n.o. seeks to continuously culturally educate disadvantaged group from early childhood, not only through the audio commentary, but also through special educational programs focusing on 3D haptic aids.

Main activities: audio description of films, theater performances; development and creation of educational processes and devices for the visually impaired with emphasis on specific mediation of cultural values; organization of cultural events for the sensory disadvantaged citizens and the events´ propagation on the Internet.

Karol Trnka holds a degree form the Academy for Performing and Visual Arts in Bratislava and is founder of Trnka n.o., which is a the only NGO in Slovakia working on audio description for blind and visually impaired people. He also serves as coordinator for students with special needs at the Academy for Performing and Visual Arts in Bratislava . Actually, Trnka n.o. is conducting the project “Touch the History” in cooperation with the Czech organization O. Z. Apogeum as well as with schools for blind and visually impaired children in which the possible use and benefits of 3D technology is tested.